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West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

"Improving West Lafayette, Indiana for Bicyclists and Pedestrians"

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Celebrating Bike To Work Day 2010

Bike To Work Day Rally
West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis, Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski and state representatives Sheila Klinker and Randy Truitt share the reading of the Bike to Work Day proclamation.

Participants were thankful that heavy rain during the night gave way to overcast skies and cool temperatures in time for the 2010 Bike To Work Day rally was held on May 21, 2010 at Riehle Plaza in Lafayette. The event started at 7:30 am and lasted until approximately 8:00 am, with approximately 60 people were in attendance. Others were there in a spirit of support only as they sped to work on their bicycles or walked to work that morning.

Incredibly good coffee was provided by Jerry Kalal, owner of downtown Lafayette businesses K Dees Coffee & Roasting Company, located at 1016 Main Street in Lafayette. Tasty and healthy granola and muffins were sold at reduced prices by Peaceful Greens, another Lafayette Downtown business (219 Main Street).

Bike To Work Day Rally
Some in the crowd listen as the elected officials proclaim May 21 to be Bike to Work Day

Andy Hirsch, President of the Wabash River Cycle Club, and Pat Boling, also from the WRCC, served as emcees. Andy started with a brief introduction of the event, then he announced the agenda and thanked those who helped sponsor and organize it, Andy then introduced West Lafayette John Dennis and Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski who provided comments about bicycling from a personal perspective and on the individual and community benefits of bicycling and walking to work. Mayor Dennis also thanked Virtuous Cycles for the loan of a bicycle to ride to the rally. Mayor Roswarski used the opportunity to announce the addition of new bicycle parking in downtown Lafayette. Then the Mayors, joined by State Representative Sheila Klinker and State Representative Randy Truitt, shared in the reading of the Mayoral proclamation of Bike to Work day.

After the reading of the proclamation Andy announced an introductory ride/call out for people interested in the Wabash River Cycle Club. Then the microphone was handed to Curt Ashendel, Chair of the West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, who spoke about the importance of increasing the numbers of bicycle and pedestrian commuters and using non-motorized transportation for purposeful travel. He also mentioned the launch of the WLBPC web site and urged those present to continue to monitor that web site as their help will be needed with a number of projects, including revising the outdated 1997 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan by the Area Plan Commission.

Those present registered, which also signed them up for a raffle drawing for several very nice courier shoulder packs provided by Bicycle Indiana. The raffle drawing ended the event. And with that, everyone rode off to work.

Bike To Work Day Rally
Officers Kevin Booker and John Goetz from the Purdue University Police Department's Bicycle patrol pose with their patrol bikes while Mayor Dennis and Representative Truitt enjoy conversation with Andy Hirsch and Representative Klinker enjoys some coffee before the start of the rally.

This event was co-organized by the West Lafayette Bicyle and Pedestrian Committee and the Wabash River Cycle Club

A special thanks go to the event sponsors:

  • Clarian Arnett for poster design and printing
  • Alcoa (thanks to Brad Blomberg, Plant Manager) for funds that helped pay for the refreshments
  • Bicycle Indiana for the raffle prizes

Also, we greatly appreciate the efforts of those who helped make this event possible:

  • Co-chairs Bill Arthur, Pat Boling, and Andy Hirsch
  • Mayors Dennis and Roswarski for their proclamation
  • Betina Cochran in Mayor Dennis' office and Mary Alyce Bolinger in Mayor Roswarski's office for their help with the proclamation and publicity
  • Carl Griffin for obtaining sponsorship by Clarian Arnett and shepherding the poster production
  • Stewart Frescas for posting the posters around town and campus
  • WLFI for coverage and their providing a Living Green spot for Bike to Work Day
  • Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce helped by providing the PA system (thank you Erin Nelson!)
  • Lafayette Parks Dept provided picnic tables use of Riehle Plaza (Thanks go to Ted Bumbleberg)
  • Zoe Neal of Virtuous Cycles, 623 Main St., Lafayette, for loaning Mayor Dennis a bicycle

Pat Boling deserves the credit for these photographs.

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