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West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

"Improving West Lafayette, Indiana for Bicyclists and Pedestrians"

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Updating the Bicycle Pedestrian Plan

The Original Plan

The only bike-ped plan for this community that was ever written and approved was completed over 14 years ago and is now badly out of date. It was done by the Area Plan Commission (APC) Transportation Planning group, our "Metropolitan Planning Organization" as recognized by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and the US Department of Transportation (USDOT). A scanned version of this plan will be posted on line at some time in the future, either here, or on the APC web site.

Crafting a New Plan

There are guidelines from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on the bike-ped plans, though this guidance is terse and does not prioritize the individual subcomponents. Other guidance and resources are also available and links will be posted here soon.

Recent Activity and Current Status

As of early 2011, The APC has crafted a new framework for a new plan. The APC transportation staff are now very enthusiastic about the new bike-ped plan, and it is hoped that this can serve as a vehicle for both cities to obtain Bicycle Friendly status from the LAB.

The APC transportation staff began to put some effort into the revision process beginning in 2008. However, the data gathering steps involve large amounts of outreach and the execution of this step was not completed at that time. The WLBPC is developing the infrastructure to more effectively contribute to this data gathering process, so that the next time this is attempted by the APC, it will be able to be completed successfully. Principally this invovles generating a list of "constituents".

At its May 24 meeting of the CPC (Citizens Participation committee) APC transportation planner Doug Poad outlined the data collected so far on bicylist and pedestrian destinations and gathered additional input from those attending the meeting. This includes, schools, libraries, grocery stores, bike shops, parks, trails, museums, public office buldings such as post offices, city halls, etc., and community centers. If you have additional suggestions please email them to Doug or call him at 765-423-9242.

Watch this page for additional details of the APC public input process.

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