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West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

"Improving West Lafayette, Indiana for Bicyclists and Pedestrians"

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Project Ideas for the Future

Some ideas that have been proposed, but we lack the people-power to get them done, so they have been put off for another time are listed here.

  • Encouraging employer incentives for non-motorized commuting
  • Recognizing bicycle and pedestrian freindly employers
  • Getting Purdue's Health Promotions on Board with Bicycling
  • Briging LAB's safe bicycling classes to the community
  • Strongly encouraging the provision of bicycle parking by retail businesses
  • Lobbying Purdue University to provide more covered bicycle parking on campus and at the Research Park

Submit your ideas!

If you have an idea for a project for the Committee to consider, please send it by email to Curt Ashendel at, or attend a meeting of the committee and bring up your proposal for discussion.

Are you interested in volunteering to do a project?

There are many reasons for volunteering. Some people do so from a sense of civic responsibility and wanting giving back someting to the community. Others may be passionate about bicycling, walking or running and want to share their joy by enabling others to have that experience. For some there may be a more tangible reward, such as Life Boy Scouts seeking the rank of Eagle Scout and needing to do a community service project. There are many other reasons, but if you are interested in helping out, either come to the next meeting of the committee or contact Curt Ashendel by email at

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