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West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

"Improving West Lafayette, Indiana for Bicyclists and Pedestrians"

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Improving the Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

Influencing government agencies concerning needs

Once a need is identified, getting the relevant agency to implement a solution that resolves the problem or fills the need requires persistent effort and communication. Identifying needs is a constant activity as well. Both of these activities begin by attending public meetings, but in many cases individual communication is needed to drive the implementation to completion.

A well done bike-ped plan is supposed to be very important for identifying the unmet needs of bicyclists and pedestrians. Because such a plan is a formal document that gets approved by legislative and appointed government bodies, it is itself a separate project of the WLBP Committee.

Monitoring New Developments to Protect and Enhance Facilities

When new infrastructure is developed, there is a long planning and approval process. One key to getting changes incorporated that make the development more friendly for bicyclists and pedestrians is to get involved in the planning and approval phases. It is particularly important to become involved at the earliest stages of planning, rather than during the last approval stages, because nobody likes it when someone tries to block development and because changes are most easily incorporated during the early planning stages. Often the earliest planning is done prior to holding any public meetings specifically for a project. For this reason, it is important to be in the communications loop where all upcoming projects are discussed, even if briefly. Several public meets serve this function well, and the Committee tries to have a knowledgeable representative present at each such meeting.

Influencing Policy Development

There are formal policies that are developed with input. The committee has become known as a voice for bicyclists and pedestrians and is often invited to participate in these public input workshops. In many some cases, policies provide only general guidance, and many specific details of implementation of the policy can be influenced by special interests. This can work for or against bicyclists and pedestrians, and the best way to narrow the guidance is during policy formulation.

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