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West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

West Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

"Improving West Lafayette, Indiana for Bicyclists and Pedestrians"

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Developing the Committee Web Site

The Committee's web site has been under development for many years, and it was launched on May 20, 2010 in a highly incomplete state. However, the hard part has been done - the creation of the template and navigation components with many future capabilities built in. What is incomplete is mainly generating the content, though some of the database and interactive subsystems remain to be done as well.

The remaining development of the first version of this web site is well planned (see below). It should be completed incrementally over the summer months of 2010. Individual components will be rolled out as they are completed.

Web Site Features Planned - But Yet To Be Implemented

  • News- a database driven subsystem that does automatic archiving, and ultimately will have a web-form for submitting stories
  • Events - expand to use a database subsystem that does automatic archiving and ultimately will have a web form for submitting events
  • Meeting minutes and agendas - add a database subsystem for maintaining these links and archives
  • A large Bicycling "page" with many elements including subpages on: "getting started", commuting, clubs, businesses, laws, routes, maps, trails, kids, safety, and health.
  • A large Pedestrians "page" with many elements including subpages on: "getting started", clubs, trails, kids, safety, laws, and health.
  • A Problems and Suggestions subsystem, with web-form submission, voting, and maps showing locations of problems.
  • A mailing list system with several different mailing lists, including announcements, discussion of problems, developments, and public policies
  • Much more content on current Programs, and new content on projects previously done by the Committee
  • Advocacy resources including lists (with links) of non-governmental organizations at the local, state, regional, and national levels, and lists with links of government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Watch this page for details - coming soon!

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